A diversified portfolio of system improvements in concert with short and long-term water management actions must be developed in a manner that respects the interests of Delta residents and business owners AND can be endorsed by state and federal leaders/regulators.

California’s water challenges can only be addressed with a comprehensive water solution that incorporates the following:

  1. Feasible and cost-benefit justified water delivery system improvements that include through-Delta conveyance, north and/or south of the Delta storage, and immediate fixes to the existing State and Federal water diversion/pumping facilities located in the south Delta;
  2. Surface and groundwater storage;
  3. System-wide Delta levee improvements to better facilitate a through-Delta alternative;
  4. Regional self-reliance/reuse, which reduces reliance on the Delta;
  5. Restoration of the Delta’s environmental, cultural, and economic framework, including Delta flows based on best available science.